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Tree Surgery Experts In Cambridge

At Treescape, we plan to give an ideal tree surgery service for anyone and everyone! From business premises to your back garden, we aim to help all areas as best as we can. As well as operating throughout Essex, we also cover Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Our experienced team specialise in an extensive variety of tree surgery services, but they can also work on overgrown hedges, excess shrubbery, and lots more.

Customer satisfaction is hugely emphasised at Treescape, and our long line of happy customers prove that we take pride in every project we take on. Along these lines, each staff member is a fully qualified and exceedingly experienced arborist to guarantee our clients get the best outcomes.

Your tree's well being is another main focus of ours. Our expert team will survey your tree and work out whether it's fundamentally stable or ill before starting any work on it. If your tree is ill/unstable and needs work, it is finished extremely quickly, professionally, and with the smallest amount of disruption possible.

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Tree surgeons use arboricultural methods like trimming and pruning, often in built environments like backyards, roadsides, and urban forests.

These professionals are trained in diagnosing and treating diseases as well as controlling pests infesting a tree. Tree surgeons in Cambridge also provide emergency care to residential and commercial clients, especially after any incident that can damage a tree like a storm.

Tree work is best left to tree surgeons. And if you’re looking to hire one, we have some tips you will want to keep in mind.

Assessing A Tree Surgeon’s Competence

You may associate tree surgeons with felling trees and pruning branches atop a tree. But a professional doesn’t just know his way around a chainsaw and climb trees with ease.

More importantly, you want a tree surgeon backed by adequate insurance.

Accidents don’t just happen to novices. Even tree surgeons with decades of work experience and continuous training can make mistakes. And when the unexpected happens, you want insurance to cover you from the damage.

Make sure the tree surgeon is well-versed in the British standards for tree work, such as BS 3998:2010 and BS 5837:2012.

Before undertaking a job, our tree surgeons in Cambridge will first discuss their plan and requirements with you. You want to ensure they stay within the law’s boundaries during the planning phase. Otherwise, you and the tree surgeon can get into trouble.

Next, make sure the professional adheres to safety best practices and has the right equipment for the job.

Equipment And Supplies For Tree Care

Hiring a professional is the smart decision as tree work is not only tough but extremely risky, too. Climbing trees, cutting branches, and safely carrying down tree parts require special equipment.

Chainsaws, axes, wood grinders, pruning shears, and shredders are a staple component of a tree surgeon’s toolbox. Not only do they need to know how to use these tools properly and safely, but tree workers must also maintain their equipment to reduce the risk of malfunction.

A tree surgeon may also need a lopper.

This key piece of equipment resembles a scissor. Climbers use a lopper to prune small branches and twigs. A lopper may also come with extendable handles, useful for cutting hard-to-reach branches.

Aside from woodcutting and shredding gear, a professional tree surgeon must also carry a variety of safety equipment. The most well-known perhaps is the harness, which secures climbers above the ground by anchoring on the tree.

Climbers also need a handful of carabiner clips, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate which are often used for safety-critical work.

These specialised shackles attach to the harness and clip and lock onto the rope, so tree surgeons can safely move up and down a tree. Certain types of carabiners even have an extra safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening of the gate.

Trainers aren’t cut for a treetop job. Instead, climbers wear chainsaw boots. These boots are similar to the steel-toe variety but with the added layer of chainsaw safety fabric. The design of chainsaw boots also protect the wearer from sideways and front cuts.

Tree surgeons must also wear a hard hat and protective visor, too.

Some opt for a mesh visor, which can attach to their helmet and keeps wood chips away from the eyes. Others may also wear the additional eye protection of goggles underneath the visor for good measure.

Looking For Tree Surgeons In Cambridge?

We can help!

Here at Treescape, our residential and commercial clients in Cambridge get beyond tree maintenance and service. They get genuine tree care.

Our tree surgeons start with an on-site visit to survey the area while talking with you about the specifics of the job. From here, we will draft a quote and pass it onto you. After getting the your approval, Treescape’s crew get down to work.

Our tree surgeons come well-equipped - from must-have safety gear, chainsaws and axes, to essential supplies. Combine these with years of experience and the best safety practices, and you can rest assured of our expert service with minimal disruption to your routine.

With our attention to detail, competitive prices, and expert team of tree surgeons, our customer retention rates are nothing short of exceptional.

And when you hire Treescape for tree care and maintenance, you also help preserve the environment. All of our projects are backed by our 100% recycled waste guarantee.

Call us or send over an email to arrange your free quote.

We’re always ready to help.

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