Why Enlist the Assistance of Professional Tree Surgeons?


As with all skills, it takes practice and training to become a professional tree surgeon, and it shows. While the everyday garden enthusiast may be able to complete retroactive work such as removal of broken limbs etc, fully qualified tree surgeons are able to provide advice on pre-emptive maintenance, spotting potential weak spots, limbs that may not survive storms, or early signs of disease before they become bigger problems. They are also trained in a wide range of services, from simple pruning and upkeep to crown reductions, tree felling and stump removal.


When you hire a professional tree surgeon, you’re also gaining access to their entire arsenal of equipment and the knowledge that goes into the correct use of each. You could invest in the oftentimes expensive machinery yourself, but for projects which may only need completing once a year, it is often cheaper to hire the professionals. As a tree surgeon’s tools are their livelihood – professional’s will ensure they take care of their tools and will know from experience the best products on the market.


Owning a stump grinder, chainsaw or other specialist tool is one thing, but being able to use it safely and effectively is another. Professionals are trained in risk assessment and management and know how to complete any work, large or small, without risk to themselves or others. They are also trained to be aware of potential hazards to your property and how to prevent these while working. While working at height it can be hard for others to notice you, so part of every tree surgeon’s training involves the correct use of PPE and how to look after others’ safety, not just their own.


Is your property insured against any potential damage that may occur when a DIY project goes awry? It is always prudent to look into the small print before attempting any works yourself. Many types of insurance may cover you for weather damage etc, but accidental misuse of heavy machinery can be another story entirely. Every reputable professional tree surgeon will have insurance, so you don’t need to worry about being left out of pocket in any eventuality.


We are all living busy lives. Between work, family, and trying to squeeze in a bit of rest or a social life, there often aren’t many hours left in the week to spend on tackling outdoor maintenance. Many of us have other priorities and put off maintenance work in the hopes it can be done later. Unfortunately, when it comes to gardening (and large trees in particular), time is of the essence, and without the correct upkeep small problems can spiral into much larger, more expensive complications.

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"Thank you for your work on our land, the work was carried out as requested and we were particularly impressed with your punctuality and how little disruption was casued. We'll be in touch again next year."

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"Our garden looks just how we want it now, thank you for explaining the process and also communicating how regular our trees should be tended to in the future. We've reccomended you to our neighbour already."