Crown Lifting

What is crown lifting and why should you hire a professional?

Crown lifting is the process of safely removing branches from the tree crown at its lowest point. This process should ideally be undertaken over the course of a number of years. Hiring a professional crown lifting tree service will help to ensure that your project is completed to the safest and most ethical standards.

What are the benefits of tree crown lifting?

Crown lifting tree services are a vital part of maintaining woodland areas and residential gardens. Crown lifting is not just for aesthetic appeal, it also helps to keep woodland and garden areas tidy and manageable. Crown lifting tree surgery is often advised in cases where there are buildings or objects nearby to the trees. This helps to keep areas separated and maintains the appropriate boundaries. Crown lifting is also beneficial for those with large gardens who need to be able to mow their grass on a regular basis. Tree crown lifting will allow a lawnmower to be used with ease around the base of the trees. This leaves a tidy finish and a clear and level terrain.

Another benefit to crown lifting is that it allows more light to access the vegetation growing underneath the trees and helps the trunk to grow straighter and free of damage. Crown lifting may be required or enforced in public places where trees grow in close proximity to pavements. There are also maintenance rules for trees and bushes in areas where the public may be inconvenienced or injured by their placement. If you think that you may require professional assistance or advice, then we are on hand to help.

Crown lifting procedures on mature trees

Not every project is completely straightforward, and this is where it can be beneficial to hire a team with a proven track record of experience, like Treescape. We can offer advice when dealing with crown lifting on older and matured trees which come with slightly different procedures and challenges. We work to the British standard of tree works regulations and can deal with any type of tree. We are problem solvers and always strive to tailor a plan that works in-line with the current surroundings.

Safety and experience during the crown lifting process

Our highly trained team of staff can guide you through exactly what they will be doing and how long the process should take. We have a fantastic level of experience when undertaking projects of all sizes, and have clients in both commercial and residential fields. Our staff members are true professionals with a keen eye for detail and the ability to work to tight deadlines. You can call us any time for advice or queries regarding your upcoming project.

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