Crown Reductions

What is a tree crown reduction and why should you hire a professional?


During the crown reduction process, the top canopy of the tree is reduced or removed. This is one of the most common tree services and it is always best to hire a professional, to ensure that the shape and structure of the crown remains intact. It is imperative that the correct equipment is always used and that no corners are cut. We pride ourselves on making sure that our customers receive the best results, to the highest of standards. Our staff are highly trained to operate state of the art machinery and equipment in order to complete the job to suit your requirements.


What are the benefits of tree crown reduction?


Tree crown reduction has many different uses and can be beneficial in ways such as the below:


  • Balancing out the appearance of the tree following severe storm damage or high winds. This ensures that the tree looks fantastic whilst remaining healthy and in excellent condition. This service is invaluable during the winter months when frequent storms are likely to be present.
  • To prevent a tree from becoming an obstruction to nearby structures. This prevents damage to other properties whilst giving the tree its best chance at remaining healthy in close proximity.
  • To encourage the tree crown away from overhead telephone lines and power lines.
  • Tree crown reduction may be required when a tree is blocking out sunlight from a residential home. This can leave rooms feeling dark, gloomy and encourages damp. Calling in a professional means that there is no risk to your property during the crown reduction process.
  • Tree crown reduction in fruit trees will help to encourage fruit production. As the tree gets healthier, this could even yield you a much higher crop.
  • If you are looking to sell your house, then maintaining and pruning the trees can give your garden a higher kerb appeal. With buyers looking for more outside space, you’ll be more likely to have a positive reaction from viewings.
  • Tree crown reduction also helps to reduce the weight of tree limbs to prevent them from becoming a hazard to the health and safety of nearby public places.


Safety and experience during the crown reduction process


Here at Treescape, we train our staff to the highest of standards and understand the importance of completing a project to your required deadline. Working with the Treescape team allows for a stress-free experience and a high-quality end result. Your trees will be healthier and we’ll ensure that they look aesthetically pleasing too.


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