Deadwood Removal

What is deadwood and why should you hire a tree surgeon to remove it?

Deadwooding or deadwood removal is the process of removing wood that has died off within a tree. This can occur in any tree but is commonly found in fast growing trees such as ash or maple trees. You should hire a professional to remove the affected branches before they break off or begin to affect the healthy parts of the tree. Attempting to remove deadwood yourself is highly dangerous and involves climbing potentially unstable and weakened parts of the tree. This is not advisable by the general public and can result in serious injury.

The deadwood removal experts at Treescape are trained in the entire process. We have an excellent knowledge of how to safely begin removing deadwood whilst keeping the area safe and secure.

What causes deadwood?

Deadwood can have many causes but it is most commonly caused by changes in the weather, such as storms and high winds. Other causes are a lack of sap and water to the branches, tree diseases and animal damage. Lack of sunlight can also play a factor in whether a tree needs deadwooding. As part of our deadwood removal service, we can discuss potential causes and work with you to keep the area safe and tidy.

When is deadwood removal most important?

Removing deadwood is a top priority at any time of the year, but especially during the winter months and after periods of stormy weather. High winds can weaken already vulnerable branches, creating a potentially hazardous environment. When breakages do occur, they can cause issues for the public and transport links.

Treescape recommends annual deadwood removal checks to monitor the area and keep on top of any potential issues. Such monitoring can help your business maintain a good public profile and will keep your customers safe. If you suspect that deadwooding is needed at your property or commercial venue we are happy to advise on the next steps.

Safety and experience during the deadwooding process

Here at Treescape, we pride ourselves on being highly trained in all tree services, including deadwood removal. Our team are trained to the highest standard and have plenty of experience under their belt. We know how to identify the early signs of deadwood and whether this needs to be removed. Treescape and our team have all of the correct and most up-to-date safety equipment. We are fully trained in how to safely use this, leaving you free to sit back and relax while we complete the hard work to our highest standard.

You can call us at any time to discuss how we intend to keep your business or property safe during the deadwood removal process and we’ll happily answer any questions or queries.

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