Tree Felling

What is tree felling and why should you hire a professional?

Tree felling is the process of removing a tree without the need for sectional dismantling. A good technique uses winches or wedges to ensure that the tree is safely and securely removed. Our professional team of highly trained specialists will be able to visit your site and assess the area to see if the space is suitable for tree felling. This requires the correct amount of space to be available and has specific restrictions regarding nearby buildings and access. Hiring a professional is absolutely essential. Let us ensure that your project runs smoothly and safely at all times.

Who needs tree felling services?

Felling trees is a service used by various industries and individuals. We have a wide variety of different clients who utilise our felling tree experience, some of these may include:

• Owners of woodland and conservation areas – the purchase of land and woodland for conservation or personal use is becoming increasingly popular. So much so, that there are entire websites dedicated to forestry sales. If you have a large area of woodland that needs proper maintenance and expert advice for long term preservation, we can help.

• Hotels and businesses – anywhere with large areas of land may benefit from the help of our felling trees service. Keeping your area safe for public visitation and ensuring that your trees are healthy and thriving is always a top priority. We can work to any timeframes and deadlines and our ethical procedures will ensure that nothing goes to waste.

• Residential garden owners – perhaps your garden has an area of woodland or trees that need removing. Tree felling should always be handled by a professional and we are happy to offer advice where required.

What safety precautions do we take when felling trees?

When arranging tree felling services, we look at all aspects of safety requirements. Our staff are highly trained in all of the machinery and equipment that is used on site and also possess an excellent understanding of the correct procedures, licenses and information needed to complete the service. Your land and nearby buildings are carefully checked over to ensure that there is no hazardous debris on-site before the project begins and that no damage is caused to the area during our tree felling service.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stick to a deadline and aim to provide clear and concise updates and outlines of the job at hand. Our recurring customer base speaks for itself, and we strive for excellence in all areas of tree services.

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Mr H - Customer

"Thank you for your work on our land, the work was carried out as requested and we were particularly impressed with your punctuality and how little disruption was casued. We'll be in touch again next year."

Mrs L - Customer

"Our garden looks just how we want it now, thank you for explaining the process and also communicating how regular our trees should be tended to in the future. We've reccomended you to our neighbour already."