Tree Pruning

What is tree pruning and why should you hire a professional?

Tree pruning services are a vital part of managing and maintaining any residential garden or commercial area. Certain species of young trees require regular pruning or trimming in order to ensure that they grow to their highest possible standard, without defects. Tree pruning requires speciality tools and equipment to ensure that the process is completed safely and to a high standard. Attempting this task by yourself could result in damage to the tree or severe injury to yourself. Treescape staff are highly trained in all areas of tree works and maintenance. We strive to provide an ethical and reliable service and we won’t be beaten on our professionalism or quality of work.

Why is tree trimming such an important task?

Tree trimming services and regular tree pruning are important from both an aesthetic viewpoint and for tree health and growth. There are various different reasons that tree pruning should be regularly carried out. These include:

• Tree structure – tree trimming services are beneficial when it comes to removing old, decayed or damaged branches. Regular pruning can ensure that the tree remains healthy and grows as it should.

• Storm damage prevention – tree pruning can often take place before predicted periods of high winds or storms. Pruning the tree will allow for wind to flow freely, reducing the likelihood of uprooted trees and severe damage.

• Broken or dangerous branches – it is important to safely remove broken or damaged branches on a regular basis to ensure that risk to the public is minimised. Failing to remove decayed branches may lead to them falling into traffic or public areas. Similarly in residential homes this could cause accidental damage and leave your garden looking messy and unkempt.

• Aesthetic purposes – tree trimming services are often used in residential gardens or corporate areas to create a uniform and attractive look. Tree pruning could be the finishing touch to a garden renovation project or the perfect regular maintenance that you need each year, in order to wow your guests.

When should tree pruning take place?

Tree trimming or tree pruning usually takes place between the spring and summer seasons. This is when the leaves have hardened and flushed. However, there are some exceptions to this depending on the type of tree. Maple trees, birch trees and walnut trees have a tendency to lose important sugars by bleeding sap in cold weather. The risk of damage decreases during slightly warmer months, so this is often seen as a wise choice. The Treescape team is always on-hand to discuss the best time-frame for your project and can develop an extensive plan for your woodland or garden maintenance.

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