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Treescape provide tree surgery services for both commercial and residential property owners across the Braintree and Essex area.

As well as tree surgery and removal, we also take care of hedges, shrubbery, stumps, and other garden-related work.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaning we strive to offer you the best possible service and experience. Our team is fully qualified and highly experienced in all the services we offer, ensuring that all of our customers will receive the best possible results.

We aim to get the job done as quickly as possible while causing minimal disruption. Before starting any job, your tree surgeon will make a full assessment of the state of the tree and its surroundings, then expertly carry out the work to fit with any specific requirements.

Our clients are always highly satisfied with the results of our work. Please see our list of 5 star customer testimonials.

The job of a tree surgeon in Braintree is anything but easy.

Tall trees, such as those found in Glebe Woodlands and Whetmead Nature Reserve, are not only hard to climb. But properly caring for them also requires a mix of technical know-how, the right equipment, and an affinity for heights.

Keeping trees in healthy shape is serious business.

Professional tree surgeons can do an excellent job while saving you time and effort. Let’s see what tree surgeons bring to the table when you call on them for help.

What’s Inside The Kit Of A Tree Surgeon In Braintree

Tree surgeons tread branches and cut wood in different ways as part of their everyday. And to do their jobs effectively, knowing which gear is needed for the task is paramount.

For starters, tree surgeons must know how to use various types of axes.

If the job calls for cutting down branches of a tree, a felling axe is the tool for the job. But if you need to cleave wood in half, the splitting maul can deliver the right amount of force without getting stuck.

Chainsaws are another staple gear for tree care.

To fell trees, the gas-powered variety works best. Electric-powered chainsaws, on the other hand, are perfect for pruning shrubbery, cleaning up the yard, and light cutting.

And to stay out of harm’s way while in the line of duty…

Tree surgeons must also have the right safety gear like chainsaw boots, harnesses, cranes, and a well-stocked first aid kit. Not to mention consumables like lubricants, reels, and sharpening tools, which need constant restocking.

How Tree Surgeons Care For Your Trees

Beyond proficiency in using power tools and safety know-how, tree surgeons must also understand how to care for trees and perform hazard assessments.

Being able to identify a tree’s species, detect decay, and distinguish elements in the environment (eg: soil, fungi, pests) are all part of a tree surgeon’s skill set.

After checking the health and physical state of the tree, they may recommend tree maintenance including the following:

  • Deadwood removal: To eliminate the risk of falling debris. Often carried out in high traffic areas like gardens, play areas, and pathways.
  • Crown lifting: To increase the clearance between the branches and the ground. Handy for making the area beneath the branches accessible and improving visibility.
  • Crown Reduction: A more extensive form of pruning. Used to reduce the weight of dangerous limbs, clear line of sight, and balance a misshapen tree.
  • Tree felling: Complete removal of a tree is often a last resort. Must be carried out with minimal impact and disruption the environment.

If You Need A Tree Surgeon’s Help…

Call us! We’ll be more than happy to assist. Here at Treescape, our commercial and residential clients in Braintree get more than just tree maintenance. They get genuine tree care.

Our tree surgeons carry years of experience and expertise, complemented by reliable tools and equipment. Not only does our crew deliver a stellar service. We also back every project with take on with our 100% recycled waste promise.

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"Thank you for your work on our land, the work was carried out as requested and we were particularly impressed with your punctuality and how little disruption was casued. We'll be in touch again next year."

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"Our garden looks just how we want it now, thank you for explaining the process and also communicating how regular our trees should be tended to in the future. We've reccomended you to our neighbour already."