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Here at Treescape, our goal is to give you an exceptional tree surgery service. It doesn’t matter what type of client you are, be it commercial, residential, or someone else – we got you covered. Our operation is in Brentwood and across Essex.

Aside from different services for your trees, our ever-reliable team can also handle any garden-related work that you can think of.

You can rest easy knowing that everyone in our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver the results that you need – only the best. After all , your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We don’t do unnecessary work. Our team will make sure to thouroughly examine your tree first, before deciding on the next procedure. If a work needs to be done on your tree, we do it fast and efficiently with very little to no disruption at all.

Caring for trees and keeping them in tip-top shape is no mean feat.

Take pruning for example.

Even mature trees like those found in the Thorndon and Weald Country Parks need pruning, especially if they stand in high traffic areas. When left unchecked, dead branches and stems will pose serious safety risks to passerbys and may damage nearby properties.

But one must also take into account the frequency of pruning, too.

If you don’t prune enough, the overgrown branches can impede air circulation and compromise the tree’s health. Overdo pruning and you may leave the tree vulnerable to pests and plant diseases or even damage beyond repair.

Trees such as those that have grown close to power lines, obstruct access, or have plenty of deadwood are especially hazardous. Routine inspection of trees for wobbly twigs and stems is a must, especially after a storm.

And if pruning isn’t enough, one may have to carry out tree topping. While this step makes a tree safer for the people nearby, it can leave the tree mangled or disfigured.

But tree care is more than just fixing problems when they arise.

You will also want to keep an eye out for symptoms like sudden death of branches, scabs on fruits, and early loss of leaves before they snowball into major issues.

Tree Surgeons In Brentwood Can Lend You A Hand

Looking after trees can be anything but easy. But you need not worry when you can count on local professional tree surgeons.

Brentwood Tree surgeons come equipped with the expert knowledge needed to keep trees healthy – from being able to identify species, detect decay, to performing hazard assessments for clients.

After gauging the health of your tree and the potential safety risks, they may recommend certain steps like:

  • Pruning the tree if the branches have grown out of control
  • Crown lifting to increase clearance between the branches and the ground
  • Crown reduction to balance a misshapen tree and let natural light enter shaded areas
  • And more

When you work from treetops where debris can hit passerbys, you need to take extra precaution to ensure not just your well-being but those of others, too.

Performing any of the jobs mentioned above require a variety of tools as well as a thorough understanding of the best safety practices.

Fortunately, our reliable tree surgeons have both in spades.

Not only does a tree surgeon have the axes, chainsaws, supplies, and safety gears necessary. But he also knows the safety guidelines for forestry and arboriculture, both of which are high-risk industries.

Need A Tree Surgeon In Brentwood? We Can Help!

Tree care and maintenance is a Treescape specialty. Need to remove deadwood from your trees? Or, prune overgrown branches? Give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Our tree surgeons have years of experience working in commercial and residential properties in and around Brentwood.

Between our expert service, competitive prices, and 100% recyclable waste promise, it’s no surprise we have exceptional customer retention rate. Contact us today to get a free quote or arrange a free site visit.

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"Thank you for your work on our land, the work was carried out as requested and we were particularly impressed with your punctuality and how little disruption was casued. We'll be in touch again next year."

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"Our garden looks just how we want it now, thank you for explaining the process and also communicating how regular our trees should be tended to in the future. We've reccomended you to our neighbour already."