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At Treescape, we aim to provide the best possible tree surgery service for commercial clients, residential homeowners and everyone in between. We operate in Chelmsford and across Essex.

Our expert team can perform a wide variety of services for your trees (See our full range of tree services below), but we also take care of hedges, shrubbery, and other garden-related work.



An imperative focus at Treescape is customer satisfaction – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Therefore, every member of our team is a fully qualified and highly experienced tree surgeon to ensure our customers receive the best results.

Your tree’s health is also a priority of ours. Our expert team will assess your tree and understand whether it’s structurally sound or ill before initiating any work on it. If your tree does need work, it is completed quickly and professionally with as little disruption as possible.

Countless trees call Chelmsford home. They abound not only in parks like Hylands and the RHS Garden Hyde Hall but in residential areas, too. And we more than welcome their presence.

Not only do trees provide shade and keep us cool. But growing evidence also shows that the presence of nature also makes us more productive at work, boosts our resilience, and relieves our stress.

However, keeping our trees strong and healthy is anything but easy, something Tree Surgeons in Chelmsford know all too well.

The Complexities Of Tree Care And Maintenance

Tall and mature trees may seem strong enough to take care of themselves, but they can get into trouble when taken for granted.

To start, trees can be just as vulnerable to infections and diseases as small plants.

Different species of phytophthora can infect a wide range of trees and shrubs. The fungi causes decay at the root and stem base, leading to branch dieback, loss of foliage, and eventually death.

Trees are also susceptible to anthracnose.

Many types of fungi can cause anthracnose. But the symptoms are the same – leaf blots, dieback, twig cankers, and defoliation. Established trees don’t suffer from permanent damage. However, repeated defoliation can weaken and make them vulnerable to fatal illnesses.

Insects can pose threats to trees, too.

The Asian longhorn beetle, for example, is a serious invasive pest native to East Asia, although an outbreak was found in Kent in 2012. The pest can infest and decimate a wide variety of trees when left unchecked. Its larva causes the most damage to trees, feeding inside the host tree undetected.

The great spruce bark beetle is another major threat to trees.

The beetle lays its eggs just under the bark. The developing larva then eats away at the inner woody layers, weakening and sometimes even killing the tree. The great spruce bark beetle was first discovered in Britain during the 80’s but has expanded its range since then.

Note, too, natural growth may also put not only the trees but also the people around them in danger. The crown can reach places it shouldn’t like power lines and windows, while low-hanging branches can limit accessibility below the tree.

To ward off natural and man-made threats to our trees, one not only must have the skill set, arboricultural know-how, and right equipment. But he must also be comfortable working several meters from the ground – even under harsh weather.

Tree Surgeons In Chelmsford To The Rescue

Yes, tree care and maintenance is tough work.

But that’s what tree surgeons are for!

These professionals handle just about anything related to the cultivation, management, and maintenance of trees. They have the arboricultural knowledge necessary for identifying species, decay, pests, and diseases.

Tree surgeons also have the diverse skill set required to carry out preventive maintenance and minimize damage to a tree. Here are some of the services a tree surgeons usually performs:

  • Crown Reduction: Eliminates deadwood and fixes crossing branches. Minimises the risk of infection and leaves your trees tidy and pleasant to the eyes.
  • Crown Lifting: Thins out the thick upper canopies. Somewhat similar to crown reduction. But the main purpose of lifting is to let more light through the tree.
  • Tree Felling: The mechanical removal of trees. A dangerous job to DIY and requires sophisticated equipment, power tools and professional knowledge.
  • Stump grinding: Carried out after tree felling. Uses a high-powered machine to grind the felled tree’s stump into shreds.

Professional tree surgeons in Chelmsford are knowledgeable and well-versed with the services above. But just as important, they have the necessary equipment to carry out the job safely.

Chainsaws, axes, and other wood-cutting power tools are all part of a tree surgeon’s kit. But so are all-weather boots, harnesses, and protective clothing – all of which help them and people nearby stay safe as they work.

Moreover, groundsmen also assist tree surgeons, constantly communicating with the latter to notify them of any hazards seen from the ground.

To put everything simply, tree surgeons are professionals you want to call on for all-things tree work, care, and maintenance.

Tree Work? Call Treescape!

Our tree surgeons in Chelmsford have the expert knowledge, years of experience, and right equipment for the job.

But more important, we genuinely care about trees.

After you discuss the specifics of your project with us, we will arrange a free on-site visit so we can better plan our work. We will also send you a quote for your approval. From here, Treescape’s tree surgeons handle your project.

And here’s our guarantee:

Hassle free work carried out at competitive prices – and with minimal disruption.

You also give back to the environment when you hire Treescape. We back every project we take on with our 100% recycled waste promise.

We are proud of our amazing customer satisfaction and retention rate. But don’t take our word for it. Contact Treescape now and let us handle your tree work.

If you need a tree surgeon, please fill out our contact form or give us a call to organise a FREE visit to your site.

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