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We are a team of expert tree surgeons that provide our service to both residential and commercial customers. Based just outside of Epping we have a great knowledge of the local area and have many satisfied customers across Essex.

We undertake all types of arborist work ranging from tree felling to stump grinding as well as hedge maintenance and related garden work.

We are driven by customer satisfaction and each job we complete we ensure the highest level of detail is adhered to. Our customers are always more than happy with the work completed. We complete a thorough site visit before quoting on any work to ensure you have an accurate quote and no surprise extra costs.

Whilst working at your property or place of work we make sure work is completed professionally and keep our promise to cause no more disruption than is absolutely necessary for the works involved.

Working atop a tree, cutting deadwood with razor-sharp saws, and treading on branches isn’t for everyone. But they’re a tree surgeon’s specialty.

Tree surgeons are professionals that cultivate, maintain, and manage trees. Their arboricultural knowledge lets them identify tree species, detect infestation and decay, and assess a tree’s overall health.

Our tree surgeons in Epping also adhere to tree work and safety best practices when taking on a job. Their kit has the usual axes, chainsaws, and other power tools. But they also carry safety equipment like harnesses, weatherproof boots, helmet, and protective clothing.

Together with the groundsmen who assist the climbers, our tree surgeons are sure to deliver a flawless job while keeping disruptions to a minimum and everyone out of harm’s way.

Want to know what our tree surgeons can do for you? Here are some of the services we provide.


Knowing how to prune is a fundamental skill for any tree surgeon.

This horticultural practice changes the shape or form of a tree, but it does more than just improve the latter’s aesthetics.

Tree surgeons may prune branches of a tree as preventive maintenance. During a tree’s formative years, pruning can help prevent structural problems (ex: branches rubbing against each other) and eliminate the need for costlier tree work like tree felling later on.

When tree surgeons and arborists work on a tree, they prune must-remove parts like dead or infested branches, stubs, and problematic branches such as those growing towards the center. All the while shaping the tree for visual appeal.

Deadwood Removal

Not all deadwood needs removing. As a matter of fact, more and more conservationists are starting to recognize the importance of deadwood in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

For example:

Birds like the crested tit rely on deadwood for nesting, while the great spotted woodpecker and certain types of owls take shelter in the hallow, dead parts of a tree. Meanwhile, insects like the black tinder fungus beetle feed on fungus found only in dead birches.

You can leave dead tissue found in the crown of trees when doing so is safe. Important wildlife will appreciate the gesture.

On the other hand, deadwood accumulating atop trees near high-traffic areas like pathways, roadsides, and gardens is a safety threat.

Tree surgeons remove deadwood by climbing around the entire canopy, taking off dead branches which will eventually fall off the tree. Deadwood removal is carried out as part of a larger job like crown reduction.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a more thorough pruning technique which takes the excess weight off of the end of branches, allowing the tree to form a new crown.

As trees grow older and bigger, the branches and trunks can sustain damage and cracks due to a host natural and man-made factors. The poor and cracked attachment points can stress a tree, leading to decay when left unchecked.

Crown reduction prunes the damaged and poorly attached branches from the tree, minimising the risk of decay. But doing so also benefits the safety of properties and people near the tree.

Removing damaged parts of the tree also reduces the weight of the limbs, reducing the risk of the latter falling off.

Crown reductions can also balance the form of a misshapen tree, especially following a storm. Not to mention the practice also removes long branches which can damage buildings, obstruct line of sight, or interfere with telephone and power lines.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is another pruning practice.

However, lifting is a smaller scale operation than crown reduction, so it causes much less stress and damage to a tree. Tree surgeons prune the low-hanging branches of a tree to widen the clearance between the ground and the branches.

By removing lower branches, you allow light to reach the ground and improve the area’s visibility.

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