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Maintaining your trees is vital, not just for enhancing the appearance of your landscape but improving their health and safety. Without adequate care, trees can grow out of control, encroaching on buildings and power lines and even interrupting the flow of traffic. They can become diseased and pest-ridden too if not inspected regularly. The earlier you discover the problem and begin medicating your tree, the more chance you will have to save it. Our tree surgeons in Takeley can provide regular maintenance for your trees, keeping them in optimal condition and health.

Tree pruning

At Treescape, we regularly prune trees for both domestic and commercial clients. We can offer crown lifting, crown thinning and crown reduction, as well as many other pruning techniques. Crown lifting is ideal if you want to increase the clearance between the lower branches and crown level. Crown thinning may be required if you want to thin out the fullness of the tree, creating a more balanced crown structure without altering its shape or size. Lastly, crown reduction is carried out when the canopy of the tree needs to be drastically reduced in size.

Tree felling

Tree felling refers to the cutting down of a tree. Whilst trees are a vital part of nature, they sometimes need to be removed if they’re doing more harm than good. For example, if they’re causing damage to a property, hampering construction development, blocking natural light or views, or they’re dead or diseased, you may choose to have them felled. As leading tree surgeons in Takeley, we’re highly experienced in felling trees across the area, using the best methods and following the latest safety precautions when carrying out our work.

Stump grinding

After a tree has been felled, a stump remains, impacting the attractiveness and safety of a landscape. At Treescape, our Takeley tree surgeons can carry out stump grinding to remove it for you, using a powerful piece of machinery known as a stump grinder to eliminate it once and for all.

Deadwood removal

Deadwood within a tree is not only unsightly but can also impact its general health. It can also be hazardous for the surrounding area, with falling deadwood potentially causing injury to people and damage to property and vehicles. For all these reasons, it’s often removed. Our tree surgeons in Takeley can climb around the canopy of the tree, removing any dead branches that will degrade and then eventually fall.

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